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Mindful Monday ~ Graceful Dancer

Let the beauty be of what you do than of what you have.

Let that creation of your actions be the guiding principle of today. We all respond to beauty; it attracts us, appeals to us, is truly one of the joys of life. But beauty is not just a beautiful painting or a gorgeous interior design, or what a physical ‘something’ looks like; it is also things in motion, actions in grace, stillness in repose.

How will I respond today? It will depend upon my remembering to respond - that mindfulness: Let the beauty be of what I do today than of what I have. Yes, it could include a painting, but it can include so much more ~ how I respond to my partner, how I respond to this day, my birthday, how I get my morning chores done - with grace? or resentment? - how I reach out to others to spread beauty today, beautiful thoughts, beautiful hopes, beautiful dreams, how I take care of my own health and body today, how I manage my time and projects today. As I do my yoga stretching and weight lifting, I can do it with the beauty of caring about my body, my health, so that there develops a tender loving care about it. When I am healthy, I feel good, I have more to share, I love life, and am not a burden on others. As I work on a major cleanup of my studio I can be mindful of working with grace, meaning I work without drudgery, but with a certain satisfaction at each stage of clean up (it’s messy and dirty!).

I will try to be mindful today of moving through my day with beauty ~ it will be an observational experiment, because I know from experience that it will expose, when I am aware and conscious of it, my own lack of beauty, but all there for observation and learning. I will think of myself as a graceful dancer; I may trip or stumble, but the dance goes on.

How will you move through your day as a graceful dancer of beauty?


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