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Where Does Creativity Come From?

When being creative, imagination flourishes, or at least makes its presence known. Imagination takes flight, letting go of striving, rules, structure. Intuition comes from the same place or very close; they are linked, like twins. When you are being creative you tune into the part of you that connects with something larger than yourself, something unnamed, and yet . . here it is. It does not obey rules, or care about rules, or deadlines, or categories. Right; it is not usually happening when you are paying the bills, or setting up your new monthly budget.

Creativity is free-flowing, malleable, shifting, until it alights, sometimes with spine tingling pinpoint accuracy, on a concept, an idea, a painting, a musical score, the answer to that problem you couldn't solve in 'regular time.' Time can slow down, speed up, or mainly, just sort of recede into the background of awareness. When engrossed in a creative project, you are already familiar with the perception of time standing still, or becoming irrelevant, at least. Most of us have had an experience of trying to solve a problem, and then going to bed, to awake in the morning, when our minds have had a chance to roam freely in that creative zone (yes, dreaming is a very potent manner of exercising the imagination) to suddenly have the answer appear.

Which brings up the notion of trust and intuition. When tuned in intuitively, the senses awaken, like a cat’s when stalking a bird. As the mind tunes in to itself, it also expands beyond it’s ordinary, every day way of functioning. I often call intuition ‘listening,’ as that is how it feels to me. To each person it is a little different, but for me, it is when I slow down, lose myself in meditation or a creative act, such as painting, when I can listen more closely to what is arising in me, whether thought or sound or touch or sight. THEN it is stepping into the flow, when self-conscious self is gone, and I am absorbed in something larger than myself.

When I start to paint, either mixing the water with the pigments, or squeezing out the paint from the tubes, this instantaneous remembering of the flow arises. My heart is suddenly happy, my mind taken off pondering and unnecessary thinking, and I become lost in the moment.

When I have done an energy reading or healing, the sense of intuition is not unlike the state of creativity with its heightened imagination. When reading another beautiful being, I trust what my intuition is showing me, and enter into an alliance with my own higher self to let the things shown to me enter into a bigger, and rather magical in feeling, reality. However, from so much time in this state, I know that this state feels more real than the normal, walking around going to the post office state, that most of us call normal. Synchronicity appears often, a smile lurks in my spirit. When someone has an energy reading/healing from me, this expanded reality shifts things, and is transformative.


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