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Barbara Hall


Readings & Healing

Energy Reading & Healing is based on the principle of intuition and energy flow. The natural healing process in each person that I read intuitively (clairvoyantly) is transformed through shifting energy through changing belief systems and past influences, thus allowing your energy to flow freely. These reasons are the cause of disease, and I offer my services in this area. I honor your unique essence and this is what I seek to help clarify for you, as well as bring you into alignment with it with energy healing.  As a certified Energy Reader and Medical Intuitive, I help people transform their lives.

Classes and Offerings

Increase your intuition and clairvoyant skill greatly with classes that I give. Bring your full self into an empowered level that brings wonderful gifts to your life. As an artist, I offer classes, online and in person, that meld creativity with intuition - exciting material where we paint and create in the quantum field for change and transformation. 
Begin the life you really want!

Animal Communication

Our furry friends (or no fur) are the great bridge between wild nature and ourselves as humans. We treasure them.  When I do a pet or animal reading I clarify the communication that already exists as well as bringing my intuitive clairvoyance to whatever situation presents, including life, death, illness, or a lost pet. Healing is part of the reading when working with the light of our pets and other animals. 

Enjoy the Beauty of Becoming

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I offer clarity and accuracy on all issues, including relationships, financial success, business, transition, past lives, pets, goals, deceased loved ones, manifesting, health and more. I like to get to the the root cause and cure of both physical and emotional dis-ease, thus healing the body, mind and spirit holistically. All sessions and classes are accessible world-wide via the telephone or Skype. 

My energy readings and healing are offered on the phone so that you may experience one wherever you are.  This also allows me to send you a recording of the session, included free, for you to refer to again and again. After your reading, please allow yourself a few days of ease and drinking plenty of water to allow your body and its energy field to shift fully.

Often times, one session will do wonders.  If you are wanting the power of multiple sessions, however, you will hasten your goal completion or healing.  I also offer a weekly 15 minutes of energy check-in program. Please see my Packages. 


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One Hour Reading by Phone

Package of Three One Hour Readings

15 Minute Chakra Scan Package

These packages offer a variety of ways to shift your energy and embrace your unique potential!

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